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How to edit tumblr bio on ipad

Golrajas 27.08.2018

As with any blog service, Tumblr allows users to add professional bios to their blogs. A bio, featuring user-specific and company-specific details, can appear on a. The description box in your Tumblr blog's sidebar allows you to display a static summary about yourself and your blog to your visitors. All Tumblr themes include Tumblr's proprietary markup code that enables you to quickly change the text in your sidebar's description without. The new update for Tumblr allows users to customize their blogs within Along with customizing your blog's appearance, description, and title.

Ready to get a supersweet Tumblr look everywhere? If on an iOS device, go to your blog and press the user menu. Then select Edit. Editing your custom HTML To edit your blog theme's HTML, Click "Settings" under the that you've inserted incorrect code into your theme or blog description. To edit your blog's appearance, pull up your blog in the mobile app and tap the Note that your title text, description text, and avatar are universally attached to.

Yes it is possible. I just tested on my iPad and it works exactly the same as on desktop computer. Customize>Edit HTML and the same window appears. §6–Why is the search feature so bad on tumblr? §7–Tools for managing your tumblr. §8–Going forward with your tumblr. §9–Editing your.

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