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How to get ads on tumblr

Nibar 22.09.2018

You can sign up for a Tumblr account with online advertising networks and place the ads on your blog to generate revenue. Ad payment depends upon the amount of traffic you receive and the amount of clicks your ads get. Sign up for a publisher account at an ad network, such as. The specific ads you see may be informed by various factors such as the You' re welcome to use affiliate links on your Tumblr – just make sure you abide by. Monetize your Tumblr blog by creating an account on an online advertising platform and pasting the code supplied by the platform in your blog's HTML code. Visit the home page of Google AdSense, Bing Ads or Infolinks -- three of the largest online advertising platforms -- and.

Want to learn more about our ads? Get the creative specs and guidelines. Preferred Data Partners. The people who help you measure your performance on . Do you know that you can make money while using Tumblr? Their ads enable Tumblr users to create a beneficial revenue source, without interfering with the. Feb 5, How to Make Money on Tumblr: 25 Proven Tips . Before You Start Affiliate Marketing Next Post How to Earn More From Standard Display Ads.

Jul 28, Until Tumblr said it sorts out all those details, it might end up placing ads on some blogs without paying the owners. To get a cut of the. I found a great post on How-To Geek a couple weeks ago that shows you How to Add Google AdSense to Your Tumblr Blog. It's really helpful!!. Jul 31, Discover an easy way to block ads on Tumblr directly from AdLock experts. ✓ Get rid of annoying advertisement and enjoy your browsing.

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