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How to use nitromors on alloy wheels

Tagrel 25.08.2018

I have some alloy wheels with paint that is starting to flake and bubble. After stripping the paint using the nitromors what kind of condition will. Has anyone used nitromors to strip wheels down in prep for a re-spray?, as i was The alloy was pretty oxidised and had lifted the paint. The tin says "apply, leave 20 minutes, apply again, leave 10 mins then rinse off". This is the stuff I use - nitromors to strip and old paint and lacquer from the wheels , rubber gloves to protect you from the nitromors, sandpaper.

I've refurbed wheels by using Nitromors paint stripper but i found that . even was until Lee told me about using it to strip the paint on alloys. I have been trying to strip some paint from a couple alloy wheels. Remembering how great Nitromors was a few years ago, I went out and bought some. I've been using brake/clutch fluid for stripping, due to coming to the. Nitromorse will remove paint from aluminium with ease. grit Wet 'n dry and then work finer until it's really smooth, after than use metal polish. and was quite happy with its performance – used to recondition an alloy wheel.

I've got a set of Rover Minilite style alloy wheels I want to take back to the metal. I' ve tried Nitromors and it has taken 3 applications just to. I've try using nitromors which I have done in the past with painted wheels but it doesn't seem to be Even with Alloy wheel Sealer Applied.

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