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What is mmed badge

Kajikree 26.08.2018

Both license types are good for two years from the date on which the license badge is issued. If you are interested in obtaining a MED Occupational License. There are a couple different MED badge types available: key and support. A “key” employee is defined as someone that makes operational or. So, you have some questions about getting your support badge from the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Well allow me, Pittsburgh.

On August 27th I (Mark) had my appointment with the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division to obtain my Support Badge to be able to work. Learn how to get your marijuana badge in Colorado. Getting a marijuana Support or Key employee occupational license is a fairly easy. I will be going in on the 3rd of September to hopefully get my MMED badge. This is something I have really been looking forward to.

So, how do I get started in the cannabis industry? Great question! Your first step is getting legally licensed and receive your badge to be able to handle cannabis . Well, MED specifically stands for the Marijuana Enforcement Division, and an MED Occupational License (also known as a “badge”) allows the. Every employee in the cannabis industry in Colorado must be approved by the Marijuana Enforcement Division and given a licensed badge #.

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