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What part of germany speaks english

Gahn 07.12.2018

An annual study of English proficiency worldwide shows that Germany has made it back into the global top ten. But which Germans have best. In most any large city in Germany a large percentage of the population will speak fluent English—even smaller cities have substantial numbers of English speakers. I have traveled in Germany for 40 years and it’s quite noticeable how many more young people speak English. One of our main criteria is to be in an area where a fair amount of people speak English - in business and in daily life as well. That is one of the.

Approximately to million people speak English as their first language. With million There also are countries where in a part of the territory English became a co-official language, e.g. among Europeans is 67 percent in favour of English ahead of 17 percent for German and 16 percent for French (as of ). The reason: To few Expats speak German. Or too few German companies use English as their business language. Only percent of all job offers in Germany . I often get asked about whether the Germans speak English. middle of Europe with different languages on nearly every side and definitely in.

I would like to know whether Germans speak fluent English. in it was made a compulsory subject in the former Communist part of Germany as well. Also bear in mind that many young Germans have lived abroad as part of their so the country doesn't exactly have a shortage of natives who speak English. First WeekFirst Week in Germany, No English. Here's How I Did [Parts of this post are copied from my language log on the how-to-learn-any-language forum]. The Germans, with their industrial efficiency, have always had a firm grip of the English language. The modern language of the business world.

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