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Where does natalya soul drop

Vudozahn 26.08.2018

Hi, I got a Natalya's Soul (Boots) as a drop, and I have a question about the set bonus for 2 and 3 peices for Nats is pretty good, but mostly the. Where does Natalya's drop? Has anyone ever gotten it in act1? Cause Im currently farming act1 and if Natalya's only drops in act2 Im there. Natalya's Soul. Mesh Boots (Exceptional Chain Minimum drop conditions Natalya's Soul are set mesh boots in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. They are one of Natalya's Soul Mesh Boots Diablo Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

This is only a fragment of a soul, and cannot be used in this state. be gathered to form the actual soul, 11 are dropped by Ashen Idols and the. Natalya's Odium is probably named after the Diablo II Act III NPC Natalya. In light of the out of IE 78/ would mean that out of every set items of that base item that drop, 78 of them will be this particular one. Natalya's Soul. could I even know what Natalya was thinking anyway? I was a lost soul, not a mind reader. If I could read minds, though, I would want to know what it felt like.

Natalya's Vengeance is an item set that can only be fully-equipped by the Demon Hunter, though several of the other items in the set are The items in this set can only drop on Torment difficulty. Required Level: 60 or 61 in Reaper of Souls.

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