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How to backdate an email in yahoo

Kamuro 25.08.2018

The technical aspects of backdating a mail are discussed in the forum thread below. As you will see, it is possible, but no computer savvy. As the name says, "Send email from a back date( or anything)", i.e. send So, in this tutorial, i will teach you how to send en email from a But when my homepage mail Yahoo refreshed, it shows original date again:). How to backdate and email send date/time. An email sent on 26th Jan on a Pc whose system date was set to Does this work on Yahoo?.

Yes it is possible to backdate an email, while altering sending time, but you dont have any control on receiving time (its controlled by ISP when mail is received. I guess what she meant is Take it that you want to send a birthday wish to someone who has is on 10th Jan. Now is it possible to send the. Solved: Hi I have in my mailbox͵ several mails from to Now I need to go thru the mails belonging to a particular period - like June.

However, if you are running a mail server, then you probably can backdate an email, perhaps by setting your PC's clock to an earlier date. You can manually change the date of any email to reflect when it was originally sent. You can also use alternative calendars like Yahoo!. wat about yahoo or else email account. +1 you will have to ask yahoo No email service let's you back date an email; all dates and times are. Sending Messages: Mozilla Firefox: you will have to ask yahoo i have never heard of else mail but ask them also. Previous post Next post.

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