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How to make embroidery hoop clock

Tezahn 03.10.2018

Make your own fun and trendy embroidery hoop clock with this step by step tutorial. Add a fun show piece to your space today!. Tutorials for making your own embroidery hoop clock. How to make a DIY embroidery hoop clock, which is the perfect clock to have in your sewing room.

If time is money, then it won't take much to make these cheerful embroidery hoop clocks. This is a great project for a budding DIYer or, really. It's also a fantastic way to display a collection vintage buttons or make as a gift for a crafty friend. DIY Clock using an Embroidery Hoop. Embroidery-Hoop Clock: I used a 9" wooden embroidery hoop, painted and We're having a contest over on Easy Crafts and I would love it if you would add.

Embroidery Hoop Clock. I love making things that are practical, things I will definitely use. And I love clocks, both for their aesthetic and practical.

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