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Quotev creepypasta boyfriend scenarios when he hurts

Tygokus 26.08.2018

SUGGESTED BY HAILEY!! Her names are in caps SO WHY CAN'T I TALK IN CAPS?!?! Well then hope you enjoy my little demons!~. Jeff the Killer Jeff was doing knife throwing in the woods. He was basically truing to impress you. While he did you read a book. Then Jeff called. "Slender, are yo-" You got cut off as one of his tendrils cut through your shirt and cut your skin. You moaned in pain as Slender realized what he.

Slenderman~ Slendy was still pissed off at you about his pages Why can't he stop acting like a little baby and get over it? Oh wait!! He's too. You gasp in pain as the blood slowly drips down your wrists, like the tears dripping from your perfect Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios. Slender Man You accidentally broke a statue he had and he smacked you hard on the face leaving a very noticeable mark. But when he tried to.

"Or what you won't hurt your girlfriend" you snorted. "I don't even know you so how would I be your boyfriend" he asked confused. "I say that. Super-condensed A/N: Sorry for the slow update. Insert work-related excuse. Ayanta rocks. I love all of you. you for all the. Read First Fight and He Hurts/Hits You from the story Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by BrokenInSaNiTy (OstentatiousStick) with the Killer: T. Read When you guys fight and he hits you (REQUEST!) from the story Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios~ by MysticalMystery12 (Myst) with reads.

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