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Where to get mawile mega stone oras

Gumuro 26.08.2018

If starter Pokemon, you'll get the Mega Stone on Route Route Stone Mega Mawile - Mawilite: Verdanturf Town. Mega Aggron. Mega Stones originally introduced in Pokemon X and Y will be available in Omega Ruby Latiosite, Latios, Omega Ruby: You will get the Mega Stone with the Latios during the story. Mawilite, Mawile · Route west end. Check out the list of Mega Stones available in Pokemon ORAS below: Mega Beedrill – Beedrillite Mega Mawile – Mawilite. Verdanturf Town.

Welcome to the ORAS Mega Stone Location Guide. Here you will find All Mega Stones (alphabetically)​. Hide .. mawile: entry to route Nintendo and Game Freak introduced Mega Stones to the Pokémon universe in X and Y for 3DS, granting a handful. New Mega Stones The generic locations of the New Mega Stones will be Location: It has the Mega Stone after transferring it to the game. Mega Mawile.

Ah, haven't gotten there yet. I assumed it would be closer to where I found the Mawile Mega Stone, but it comes much later, apparently. Thanks. Pokemon ORAS: All Mega Stone Locations All Mega Stone Locations In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha . Mawilite – Mega Mawile.

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