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How to inflate tires with valve extenders

Daill 21.02.2019

Even on a standard wheel w/o extenders, the presta valve closes due to the tire pressure between strokes. Assuming you have a good seal on. The tube valve I'm assuming sits some where inside the rim and the valve protruding is a screw on extender. My question is how do you tell tire. I also can't seem to deflate the tube to test out re-inflating by simply Push a piece of wire or a spoke down the valve extender hole to The tire then pumped up easily and seems to be holding air (for the last hour anyway).

Thread the Problem Solvers Presta Valve Extender onto the Presta valve. 4. Install the tire, and slowly inflate to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Bicycle Mechanics - Valve extenders and tire inflation difficulties tire is pushing against the valve and thus keeping you from pumping air in. No matter how much I leave the valves unscrewed within the valve extenders, I always have the same problem: even when the tyres feel a bit.

Yes. Slime makes some valve extenders for Schrader valves enter image description here, and if you have a Presta valve you can use a Presta. Everything you need to know about bike tire valves. Close up view of man's hand pumping bicycle wheel with air and checking pressure. . That's key for adding valve extenders for aero rims, or for adding tire sealant.

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