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How to measure foot width for boots

Maugal 26.08.2018

Picking the right size boot is easy with our boot sizing chart. Follow our simple instructions and our easy to read diagram and look up your size our our. Your feet change during your lifetime. To make sure that you get the best possible fit we suggest you follow the simple sizing. No two feet are alike. Obviously, because only you know what feels right on your feet, it is very difficult to recommend sizes. Some people like a loose fitting width.

As you know, your feet are 3-dimensional - length, width and height. Unfortunately, all tools used to measure feet are only 2-dimensional - length and width. Like shoe length, shoe width is determined by measuring the distance across . measurements with the size chart used by a particular footwear manufacturer. Acurately determining your foot size and width is essential to enjoying the time spent in your boots. You'll need the following to get accurate results: A chair; A.

This will establish the width of your foot. Measure around your leg at the 6", 8", 10 ", 14" and 16" intervals from heel to desired boot height. Example: if you want a.

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