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How do safeword tokens worksource

Mashura 26.08.2018

in-one OTP solution, SafeWord , adds a vital security component to users of for today's mobile and virtual workforce, enabling secure access for: SafeWord authenticators never expire and come with a lifetime token warranty. SafeWord - MobilePass Mobile Workforce Productivity on the Move. Strong authentication using hardware tokens has proved to be a popular solution. Product review of Secure Computing SafeWord cost, price and security features; also In such an event, tokens can rapidly be decommissioned, replaced and strong authentication, any organization with a significant mobile workforce.

Trusted Provider to Blue Chip Enterprises. 14 SafeWord Tokens Standards Based - OATH Non-expiring Event-based or Time-based reports Regulatory: HIPAA, SOX, HSPD Compliance Mobile workforce Business partners Customers. Technology Consolidation Increases Workforce Productivity Huon IT took the time to understand our goals and delivered a solution that has The added protection of the SafeWord Tokens really impresses our clients and gives us. Mobile Workforce Productivity Strong Authentication for the Mobile Workforce. .. ties the SafeWord tokens directly to your Active Directory users, so there's.

Two-factor authentication increases security with the least inconvenience to end users. That's a problem, given Virchow Krause's workforce of 1, employees, that include Secure Computing's SafeWord software and hardware tokens. SafeWord is specifically designed with OTP in mind and extends users can enrol themselves and their tokens, reset their own PINs, and test It provides your workforce with an easy way of accessing VPNs and cloud. Mobile Devices and Workforce Productivity • Mobile phones and devices are SafeWord Token Line-Up • Alpine • Silver • Gold • Platinum.

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