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What if ash evolve pikachu

Doulabar 27.08.2018

There are two important concepts here. First, since pokemon are metaphors for personality traits, an evolution of pikachu would signify a change in Ash. Second, . It came close to evolving in a few episodes. The first time was in Vermilion City where Nurse Joy gave Ash a thunderstone but Pikachu wanted. If Ash had a Raichu I think he would of at least won, 1 tournament by now. Plus I would Really like to see Ash's Pikachu evolve.:fire.

I'm assuming the hat goes away and won't be on the Raichu. I wouldn't mind seeing an Alolan Raichu with an Ash hat. Playing: SMT 4. In the episode where Ash face against, he lost to his Raichu, so he think about evolving pikachu, but in the end he defeated Lt,Surge's. Ash told everyone his reasons for keeping it all this time and left Pikachu to decide if he wants to evolve or not. When everyone went to check up on him, he was.

just imagine how powerful ash's pikachu would be if it evolved into raichu .. Some might be thinking Ash doesn't evolve him because Raichu. I'm glad, but it would have been better if it just stopped mid evolution and the pikachu told you no. Ash's pikachu doesn't want to evolve.

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