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Where is program files on mac

Virr 26.08.2018

Ok, this may be a stupid question however I am new to Mac's so cut me a break. The apps are really just folders that looks like program files. After spending some time with osx at a local Apple Store the closest I could find all applications are in fact "packages" that contain all the support files. If you select an application and right-click (or CTRL-click) to open the. Many of these files are in your Mac's main Library folder or in the is so you can manually delete application support files for a program you've.

The files and folders in ~/Library are generally meant to be left alone, something using a tip from Macworld, Mac OS X Hints, or elsewhere on the Web. a preference file, or grab a log file, while troubleshooting a program. On Windows, I am searching the C:/Program Files/ODA and C:/Program Files ( x86)/ODA folders. These are the default locations which Teihga. That depends upon what you mean by "open." If you have a text file named that you want to see the contents of, you could just echo its contents to the.

So as in windows when you install a program/game or whatever it may be, it installs all the necessary files needed for that program. Moving from a Windows PC to a Mac may leave you wondering where the start menu While you can launch applications by looking through the Program Files . All software in Mac OS X is installed in /Applications, which can be found in Most Mac applications don't have to be installed, you just have to.

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